Contrarian views on the mainstream lockdown /mask / vaccine narratives 20201217

1) Dr. James Lyons-Weiler | PA Medical Freedom Press Conference ( 20 okt 2020 ) 

Coronavirus Vaccine Safety Warning – Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, in this excerpt from the Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Conference on October 22, 2020, shares his concerns about the forthcoming coronavirus vaccines – the skipping of trial phases, and how he finds the entire vaccination system “backward” and corrupt.

2) There’s Still No Evidence that Either Lockdowns or Masks Are “Game Changers”

“Lockdowns Save Lives.”– an exceptionally strange slogan for its assumption that any evidence existed that vindicated the efficacy of lockdowns. But after only a few months of lockdown, it first became apparent that there was no correlation between how soon a region locked down and that region’s death toll:

 covid deaths


The Costs of Locking Down- Not only have the lockdowns played no role in disease mitigation, they come with deadly costs.

covid gov response

 3) Half Of Small Retailers May Be Forced Out Of Business With More Restrictions Threatening

 – The latest California stay-at-home orders will be impact an unknown number of retailers.

– there are nearly 420,000 retailers throughout the state employing 3.2 million people may affected

4) Peak Hypochondria

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