Covid & lockdowns – More readings for context

1.The Security Junkie Syndrome; How Pausing the World Leads to Catastrophe

David Eberhard, an experienced Swedish psychiatrist and best selling author and active lecturer, observes how we feel less and less secure despite arguably living in the safest period of time in human history. He explains that people are overestimating the risk of dying from COVID-19 and why are we obsessed with danger, and conversely with safety? 

The over precaution may be leading to more devastating consequences than COVID-19 itself.

2.Life Insurance and Covid-19; Something Doesn’t Make Sense

Jeff Harris, writing for the Ron Paul Institute, called an insurance broker working for hundreds of big life insurers to check whether premium rose with Covid. Interestingly, the unit cost on insurance coverage had not increased, suggesting the insurance companies – whose money is on the line – are treating the ‘pandemic’ as a non-event.

3. UK deaths in 2020: how do they compare with previous years?

John Appleby, director of research and chief economist from the Nuffield Trust, London, UK, analyses death statistics of the UK and shares his point of view upon the historical trend and provision of death in the UK. 

The chart below demonstrates what a huge improvements we have seen in death rates since the second world war, with age standardised mortality rates more than halving between 1942 and 2019. Even in the ‘worse pandemic’ perhaps in history (because this is the first time ever the entire global economy was shutdown for it), the death rate was no higher than 2008:

4. America’s Frontline Doctors files motion for temporary restraining order against use of COVID vaccine in children

America Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) filed a motion against permitting using the Covid-19 vaccines in children under the age of 16. AFLDS claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine itself may potentially be more dangerous than the disease. 

AFLDS Founder Dr. Simone Gold spoke about the reasons for filing the motion: “We doctors are pro-vaccine, but this is not a vaccine,” she said. “This is an experimental biological agent whose harms are well-documented (although suppressed and censored) and growing rapidly, and we will not support using America’s children as guinea pigs.”

She continued: “We insist that the EUA not be relinquished prematurely; certainly not before trials are complete – October 31, 2022 for Moderna and April 27, 2023 for Pfizer. We are shocked at the mere discussion of this, and will not be silent while Americans are used as guinea pigs for a virus with survivability of 99.8% globally and 99.97% under age 70.

“Under age 20 it is 99.997% – ‘statistical zero’.

“There are 104 children age 0-17 who died from COVID-19 and 287 from COVID + Influenza – out of ~72 million. This equals zero risk. And we doctors won’t stand for children being offered something they do not need and of whom some unknown percentage will suffer.”

5. How Facebook Censors Vaccine Facts That Don’t Fit ‘official’ Narrative

Two Facebook insiders disclose the Facebook private scheme which demotes and bans comments that against Covid-19 vaccination. They explain who, how and what the scheme is actually focusing at. 

Besides looking for keywords and categorizing comments by the use of algorithms, Facebook does a lot more to avoid fair discussion on the topic. 

Below is the link of the Facebook insiders’ interview attached in the article

6. Texas is open 100%

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, signed a law that prohibits all Texas business and government entity from requiring vaccine passports or any vaccine information. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many Americans flood into Texas and tension is created between the locals and the new comers.

This is very telling of how the open states (TX, FL) have no worse death rates than the lockdown fanatic states (eg NY) in the US, while keeping the economy, the schools, and people’s sanity all intact:

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