Covid lockdowns totally unjustified… these death numbers prove it

1. Why not lockdown for diabetes or dementia? Deaths are multiples of covid…

We have now a full year’s data to properly annualise covid deaths for comparing with other causes of death. As should have long been obvious to all rational human beings, this is not a crisis other than by politicians/bureaucrats’ own making – to grab power, to feel important, or whatever other reason they have to themselves – because the devastation to economy and human lives is far far beyond the deaths of the flu itself.

Here is HK’s full year death numbers by cause and by age, covid is one of the least threatening by far:

To put the deaths in multiples of covid cases in HK, Neoplasms and Pneumonias are 84x and 49x that of covid respectively:

So why the nonstop shill by the so called experts, the incessant deprivation of our freedom, and the minute by the minute reporting of ‘case numbers’? Something does not smell right…

In terms of death rate per population, covid is massively less than all these diseases, even other major flu pandemics in recent history, when live was allowed to carry on as normal:

Is it time people woke up and objected to the heavy handed, bureaucratic, unscientific, infringement of our basic liberties?

As usual, here is a collection of links to help you understand the picture that is not presented to you by the powers that be:

2. Corona children studies “Co-Ki”: First results of a Germany-wide registry on mouth and nose covering (mask) in children

By 26.10.2020 the registry had been used by 20,353 people. In this publication we report the results from the parents, who entered data on a total of 25,930 children. The average wearing time of the mask was 270 minutes per day. Impairments caused by wearing the mask were reported by 68% of the parents. These included irritability (60%), headache (53%), difficulty concentrating (50%), less happiness (49%), reluctance to go to school/kindergarten (44%), malaise (42%) impaired learning (38%) and drowsiness or fatigue (37%).

3. German Scientists Faked Coronavirus Model to Justify Strict Lockdown

According to extensive email exchanges obtained by a group of lawyers in a legal dispute, the German Interior Ministry hired scientists to develop fake coronavirus model in order to justify strict lockdown.It commissioned researchers from the Robert Koch Institute and other institutions to create a calculation model on the basis of which the Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU), wanted to justify tough coronavirus measures.

 4. Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects Worls Map

An overview of Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects and Allergic Reactions worldwide.


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