5 articles on masks, lockdowns, trust in pharma companies, etc.

1. Americans’ Views (trust ratings) of U.S. pharma Industry


The 2019-2020 Americans’ net ratings for the pharmaceutical industry have never been lower since Gallup first started the poll in 2001. 

When govt and pharma companies are so closely knit, and when the former has granted the latter legal immunity from negligence suits, why is it not surprising that trust in pharma companies are at record low?

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2. Covid Questions to help wake up family and friends

1) If there really is a pandemic, why haven’t we been constantly been hearing sirens day and night. 

2) If there really is a pandemic, then why are all the undertakers saying business is either normal, or less than usual? 

3) If there really is a pandemic, why don’t we see constant queues for the cemeteries and crematoriums, burying their loved ones? 

for the full 25 questions see here

3. Mask usage has no effect on flu ‘case’ counts?

Daily case data from March 20 to March 21 rise and fall very much independently from whether people wear masks or not, as the chart below clearly illustrates:

Source: YouGov, covidtracking.com 

So why do govts continue to force people to wear this increasingly questioned form of protection despite data suggesting otherwise?

For fuller exposition of the lack of efficacy of masks, here is a useful reference: Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good – by Dr Vernon Coleman

4. Dr. Scott Jensen, WHO Confirm: ‘We’ve All Been Played’ on COVID-19

There are serious questions being asked about the factual basis for declaring a pandemic. When is a COVID-19 case really a “case”? 

Do the case numbers and death numbers that have been touted over the last 12 months by governments in UK, EU, USA, and numerous governments around the world, accurately reflect actual COVID cases and COVID deaths?

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) itself has admitted that the entire basis for collating “case” numbers since the beginning of this ‘global pandemic’ is effectively null and void.

 5. What is the scientific rationale for vaccination? | Law Ka-chung

As at Mar. 10, the six countries in the world with the highest inoculation rates were Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the UK, the US, Chile and the European Union (EU), in that order.

Mr Law asked a few questions after examining the data (see charts below):

– vaccines for epidemic diseases take years to develop, ranging from three years to eight years or more. How is it that there are vaccines made available within half a year for this unusual disease that the experts initially had no clue about?  

– after five quarters since the outbreak, the infection rate in Hong Kong is only 0.15%, thus even if the vaccine is 99% effective, there is no scientific justification to administer it?

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here is Chinese translation of the article: 疫苗接種︱有何科學理據打疫苗?(羅家聰)

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