More accidental deaths in HK than Covid, why the lockdown? 20210507

1. Is it worth shutting down society for so few deaths?

We have compared covid deaths to other forms of illnesses before, and illustrated how mild a cause of death it is in relation to so many other common illnesses (see <here>).

You may be surprised that, at a mere 0.026% death rate for the population in Hong Kong, covid’s damage is even less than annual suicide deaths (4.8x of covid), within which, jumping to one’s death caused 2.5x as many deaths as covid. What is more surprising is that deaths caused by accidental falls had 40% higher chance than covid! These shocking statistics are laid out in the chart below:

In summary, every year, almost 10 people die of non-disease related causes than from covid in the past year. To set these non-disease causes of death against disease causes in one picture, covid seems once more so completely undeserving of the overblown lockdowns we are seeing around the world – which must be leading to much higher suicide rates, amongst others which are in normal times 4.8x (in HK covid):

If pneumonia deaths are 45x covid, why have the society not locked down in our past 6,000 years of history? Even at only 60% level of death rate, surely driving cars should also be banned?

We also plotted the HK covid deaths by age over the past year (chart below), this shows clearly:
1) Most deaths happened in Jul-to-Aug and Dec-to-Jan period – a pattern that suggests we probably do not need to be locked down for most of the rest of the year?

2) The average age of death was around 80, slightly dropping to 76 by April 2021 – the most vulnerable are the elderly, then why is the rest of society shut down when so few suffered?

3) To reinforce above observation, only 6 deaths were of 50 years or younger, and 17 deaths below the age 60.

Again, all these prove that the severe lockdown policies imposed around the world is likely doing more harm than good to people.

below are our usual digest of third party writings on the lockdown phenomenon…

2. The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

A Jeffrey A. Tucker article explaining why lockdown is no longer an effective strategy against COVID-19 and why the lockdown idea is foolish – for example US states with almost no lockdowns seem to have lower death rates than most states with ultra harsh lockdowns – thereby destroying civil liberty as well as the economy:


Russell Brand’s video questioning vaccine passports and why this measure may grant more power to the state at the cost of the citizens.


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